JOTA/JOTI 2023 Leaders info

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The companies below have loaned equipment free of charge for the event or given us a discount.

What is JOTA/JOTI?

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) is a worldwide Scouting event communicating internationally using VHF and HF radios and Scout (monitored) chat rooms on the Internet. The event takes place over the 3rd full weekend every October, this year we are holding an event for all sections in Hawk District, depending on their age, sections can join us for a day visit or weekend camp.

What’s included?

  • Catering (Friday supper to Sunday lunch for campers, Saturday – Lunch for day visitors)
  • All activities
  • Site services, water, toilets & power (power is for activities only)


Full camp – Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October 

Arrival between 17:00 – 18:30

Departure between 14:00 – 14:30

Day visit – Saturday 21st October 09:00 – 16:00

Who can attend?

Day visitors (with adult supervision) Saturday 21st October only

  • Squirrels

  • Beavers

  • Cubs

Camping (in their own section or join up to make a sub-camp)

  • Scouts

  • Explorers


Full camp – £35

Day visit – £10

Interested? What next?

Section Leaders and event helpers sign up for the event from May, during booking you’ll be asked what area you’d like to help or activity you’d prefer to run.


Each camping section must have a leadership team with them, you are required to meet the minimum ratios set by the Scout Association.

Adult day visitors (Leaders and helpers)

If you’re only coming for the day, you’ll be asked the same during booking, so we know where you’d prefer to help and how many meals you’re going to be here for. 

Leaders to start publicising the event within their sections.  

Young members and parent/guardian tickets will go on sale on Saturday 1st July. As leaders all you have to do is send out a link we will send you at the end of June with a bit of a blurb then sit back and relax. 

Due to the options and the way, the camp is going to be run with extras etc during the booking process, OSM will not be the source of booking. All bookings should be made via the website. 

Payment is made online at the time of booking and will be paid directly to the District. If this is a problem please contact us directly at

A final push for the event to your section members will be required. We will let you know how many you have attending, if needed. Booking closes on Saturday 30th September. 

Booking now closed. We’ll give you a list of attendees in your section for you to submit your NAN form and risk assessment for your camping area. We will submit a risk assessment for all activities and catering and the site excluding the camping areas.

Camp takes place between 20th and 22nd October – we hope you have fun!

We will produce a list of activities your young people took part in during the weekend and what badge requirements they completed for you to update OSM, these will be tracked by scanning a card at select activities after completion. 

We will ask for any feedback via a short survey which will be emailed after the event. 

Weekend programme

Below is our programme for activities. You will need to allow some time for washing up after meals and fill some free time with activities.

The week leading up to the camp, we will need helpers to assist with setting up the event. 

If anyone is available to help set up tentage, collect kit, tow trailers, run cables, assist with other site services and activity setup it will be gratefully received. This time to set up has been given to ensure the smooth running of the weekend. 

At the moment we plan to set some central marquees up on Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th – if you can assist with this we will be very grateful. Camping is available from Wednesday night for anyone who is helping us set up the event that wishes to stay over (no under 18s).  

17:00 – Check-in opens (sections set up sites once checked in)

18:30 – Check-in closes (no more arrivals)

20:30 – Supper in the dining tent

22:00 – Quiet on site – Leaders meeting in the dining tent

07:30 – Breakfast

08:30 – Check-in for day visitors opens

09:30 – Check-in closes (no more arrivals on site)

09:40 – Flag break – summary of weekend activities

10:00 – Activities start

12:30 – Lunch

14:00 – Activities restart

16:00 – Flag down & Day visitors depart

17:30 – Dinner

19:30 – Full camp activity (Meet in the dining tent)

21:00 – Supper

22:00 – Quiet time

07:30 – Breakfast

09:00 – Flag pole for day brief

09:30 – Activities start

12:00 – Flag down

12:15 – Lunch 

14:00 – Departure


Monday and Tuesday will consist of packing away all equipment still up from the weekend and returning it to owners, companies and storage. If anyone is available to assist over these days please tick the boxes in your booking. 

Additional info and FAQ's

You could run a day event for your Squirrel, Beaver or Cub section without the need for each young member to bring an adult. However, if you do please be advised the activities are designed for those age groups to have an adult with a small number of young members. It is recommended they split into small groups of 1:4 instead of the normal outdoor ratio set by the Scout Association. 

Unfortunately not, all sections must camp with a nights away permit holder, if you can not attend or you do not have a permit holder in your section, you can join up with another section that does to create a subcamp. A subcamp can have up to 100 people on a nights away notification. 

Although the camp is held on a field with no facilities, the class of permit required is “Campsite”. This is because the toilets are hired in and you are not having to set up, transport and dispose of human waste. 

If you hold a “greenfield” permit, you may bring a chemical toilet for your site to use, you must include this on your risk assessment for the event. 

If you do not have a permit holder in your section, you can join up with a section that does to create a subcamp. A subcamp can have up to 100 people on a night’s away notification.

Yes, you will need to complete your own risk assessment for the camping side of the event per section/subcamp. This will be submitted with your NAN form to the DC for approval. 

The areas you will not need to cover in the RA are:

  • Central activities (provided by us)
  • Central catering (excluding washing up)
  • Vehicle movements onsite

A few areas to include in your RA:

  • Ratios
  • Washing up
  • Movement of kit to your site from vehicles or trailers
  • Missing/lost children
  • Arrival and departure of attendees/meeting point
  • Free time activities

The equipment you will need within your subcamp area is

  • Tentage for sleeping and group shelter from the rain/sun in free time
  • Washing up kit
  • Free time activity kit
  • Tarpaulin
  • Corded landline telephone (there is an analogue telephone system on site)

Fires on subcamps will be weather dependent. If allowed fires must be in a raised altar fire. There is no wood supply on-site, you will have to bring this with you and remove any unburnt, partially burnt wood and ash from the site.

You can access the site from 10am on Friday – please note there will be no toilet facilities onsite until later in the day.

Field – The site is a grass field that is usually home to a herd of cows, so expect uneven ground with cow-pats around. 

Access – The entrance of the field can get wet so we will be keeping an eye on this throughout the event – with this in mind, we will be limiting traffic and asking leaders to be mindful of traffic movements through the gate. 

The section camping areas will not be accessible by vehicle. If required then an area can be made for vehicular camping, no young people will be allowed in this area so if you have a section camping you must have the correct ratio of adults to leaders onsite with them. 

Dogs can come onto the site. However, they must be included in your risk assessment and careful consideration of the weather and where the pet is during the event. Dogs must be owned by an attending leader, dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. It is recommended dogs are looked after at home during the event. Dogs must not affect the running of your site or the overall event. 

There is no tap on the field. Please bring your water containers with you filled up, extra water will be supplied by a tank transported to the field. The backup option is for us to take your containers and refill them for you. 

The need for water will be limited on your site.  Just washing up and a small amount of drinking water will be required. Drinking water will be available in the central area throughout the event. 

During booking online the parent/guardian is required to fill this is in for each attendee. These will be checked during check-in for any changes, and given to the subcamp leader, catering team and first aider. 

First aid 

Day time

Each activity base will have a leader on or nearby. Any leader with a purple lanyard can be approached for any reason. There will be a first aid kit held in the central area


Overnight section or subcamp leaders will be responsible for first aid out of activity time. There is a contact number on your activity card. If you have called an ambulance please let us know so we can unlock the gate. 


Medication will be handed in at check-in. They should be in a named bag or container with storage and dose instructions detailed in it. 

Young members will be encouraged to keep some medications on them, inhalers and EpiPens for example. Section or Subcamp leaders should have other medications kept in a safe place or fridge if needed.

The tuck shop will be open for a short time each day between meal times. This will be announced at the time Scouts have perfected the communication method for announcing it has opened. 

The Tuck shop will have:

  • Sweets 
  • Drinks (including zero sugar options)
  • Woggles
  • Badges


There are different booking options for Young members and leaders.

Young members and Adults

Leaders, SASU and Helpers

Any adult helping and attending as one of the following roles does not need to buy a ticket (since attendance is free) but we ask for you to complete the RSVP. All adults MUST RSVP and inform us if your attendance changes. You will then be on our NAN form and training etc will be checked. You will also receive a QR code to check in with, all adults must check in too. 

Once you’ve booked you’ll receive an email, this email will contain a QR code and will be required to check in to the event, you can star/flag the email and bring it on a phone or just print it and bring it with you to the check-in tent. 

* Tuck credit is encouraged to be spent during the event. If you would like the card balance checked after the event, you will need to contact the organisers to claim any remaining credit within 2 weeks of the last day of the event. Any remaining credit that is not claimed within 2 weeks will be donated back to the District for Active Support future events.