Terms are still being made, please see the below and if you have any questions email activesupport@hawkscouts.org.uk


Some activity kits will come with consumables, the borrower is required to monitor and report if the consumables are running low. If groups seem to be using excessive quantity compared to others they may be asked to contribute towards replacement for future bookings.

Condition of equipment

All equipment must be returned complete, clean, dry and in its supplied box/bag.


Any broken or damaged items should be reported to the Active Support Unit to arrange replacement or repair for the next booking. To report damaged items please visit https://hawk.activesupport.org.uk/damage

Failure to report damages can result in the borrower being charged for the cost involved


When borrowing the District trailer, the driver must have a number plate that matches the towing vehicle’s plate. The type of number plate required can be requested if not visible in the pictures.

Inspection of the trailer prior to every use remains the responsibility of the driver and any defects to be reported to the Active Support Unit.