Please fill in the form below to the best of your knowledge. The information will be used to request instructors for your activity, and if they are available, to help us to complete a risk assessment.

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    – A site visit may be requested to check the site is suitable for the activity and enable us to complete a suitable risk assessment.
    – Some activities may require things like long hair to be tied back, closed shoes, trousers etc. If the activity leader/instructor decides a member can not take part for any reason it is their final decision and may be discussed after the event if challenged.
    – All members are required to follow safety rules including adult leaders, the instructors will be completing a dynamic risk assessment throughout the activity and the activity amended appropriately for everyone’s safety.
    – When booking halls and other sites you must allow set-up and pack-down time and gain access to the property for our instructors unless otherwise stated or agreed.
    – Some activities require smaller groups so you may be required to plan other activities for some of your section.
    – The person booking must give any medical details or disabilities for any of their members so we can source extra kit for example prior to the activity.
    – Some activities such as Air gun shooting and crossbows require permission forms, the section leader must ensure these are complete, no form, no shooting.
    – A number of activities require a permit holder, plus two additional adults to run safely. If Active Support are unable to fulfill the additional number required, the onus will be upon you to provide appropriate adults for the duration of the activity.

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